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Puerto Rico Service Trip

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  • Date: March 23, 2019 to March 30, 2019
  • Time: All Day
  • Location: , ,
  • Coordinator: Suzanne Hayne
  • Email: admin@nccstl.org

Make a world of difference... by repairing Puerto Rican homes damaged or destroyed during Hurrican Maria.  Many poor families have done basic rebuilding but have temorary roofs and continue to live in broken structures.

You can help.  

Our charity partner, Living Hope International, in conjunction with Sacred Heart Church in Chicago, IL is sending a team to rebuild in Puerto Rico.  

Transportation, lodging, food, tools, materials, and guides will all be provided.  

Specifically, we will be roofing homes.  These are homes that were forgotten after the storm, often widows or vulnerable individuals that had no help to fix their homes.

 All you need to do is get there... $400 for airfare, we'll pay for everything else.  

Who: Men (age 16+).  WE ONLY HAVE 7 SLOTS AVAILABLE.

       NOTE, we do not have logistical support to include ladies on this trip, but we are working to try to have a future service project for men and ladies.  This particular trip, unfortuantley, is only open to men.  

Special Skills: construction knowledge is a plus, anyone can attend if they can work.

What: rebuild homes, particularly roofing

When: March 23-30, 2019.  We will depart from Chicago, IL (transportation from St. Louis is provided) and fly to Puerto Rico.  Returning the same way.  Puerto Rico is a US Territory, so a passport is not needed.  

Accommodations and Sustenance: We will stay in a house in Puerto Rico.  We will cook some of our own food but local churches will also help provide food for the team.  

Transportation in Puerto Rico: provided by our Guides and local church leaders on the ground with whom we are working.

Language: Most people in Puerto Rico speak Spanish.  You will always have a guide with you who speaks English.  

Safety: Puerto Rico is not a dangerous place.  As long as you stay with the group, use common sense, and follow the guide's instructions, there is little risk of problems on this trip.  During construction work, tools and equipment will be provided.  There is some risk of injury during construction, particularly if you are not experienced with roofing or construction.  But, each team sent has a team leader who knows what they are doing and our guides have local construciton professionals who will assist as we work.  So, if you take your time and work carefully, follow the safety precautions of our guides and leaders, and take care, the risk of injury is low.  Medical assitance is available if needed.  

Communication: Most domestic cell phone plans will work from Puerto Rico to call home while on the trip.  Please check with your provider to know for sure.  

What do I need: Just clothes suited for work (boots, jeans, a hat) and some basic safety gear like gloves and safety glasses.  No special tools or equipment required.

Cost: $400.  This will cover your airfare.  The trip actually costs $1000/person, but Living Hope is supplying the cost for lodging, food, transportation, and equipment in Puerto Rico.  

How do I sign up:

Email Suzanne at admin@NCCSTL.org for info or to sign up for the trip.  


Join us is making a difference.